D.J. Studios Karate

Why D.J. Studios

Why D.J. Studios

There are several martial arts schools in the area, each with talented instructors who wish to help you. For somebody thinking about joining the martial arts, you may be asking yourself what the differences are, and more specifically, why should you choose D.J. Studios Karate over any of the other schools in the area. We hope that this list will help to give you some guidance in knowing what to look for in a Martial Arts school, and ultimately, why you should choose us.


Master David Josefik began his martial arts training in 1979, and for the past 30+ years, he has dedicated his life to perfecting his art. D.J. Studios has since become one of the areas longest running privately owned Martial Arts schools, as well as one of the most respected. In addition to Master Josefik's 30+ years, our school has many other instructors with varying levels of expertise in a variety different fields. With doctors, masters in child education, and several other accredited professionals, we have instructors who are prepared to help our students develop their skills physically, mentally, and spiritually.


For Master David Josefik and the D.J. Studios Karate instructors - this is not a business - we do not exist for the sole intent of making money. This is our lifestyle, and we train as such. Our primary focus is not the quantity of students, but the quality of our students. This is reflected in both our history of success, and our entire teaching philosophy.

Emphasis On Personal Development

While many martial arts schools are primarily focused on teaching "street ready" self-defense, we would much rather put our focus on teaching our students skills which would render their need to fight unnecessary. We believe it is much better to avoid a fight altogether, than to focus our time building skills to win a fight. Of course, we develop fighting skills as a byproduct of what we do, but our emphasis is always on character development.

International Tang Soo Do Federation Affiliation

Many non-affiliated schools in the area will downplay the importance of having affiliation with an organization, but we believe it is one of the best things we offer our students. But what does it mean to be affiliated with an organization, and how does that benefit you?

  1. The ITF has schools all over Pennsylvania, the USA, and the world. Many of our students begin as young children, who eventually grow up, and leave for college. Because of the structure of our organization, our students can continue their training, precisely where they left off, at any other school in our organization.
  2. Your rank will be recognized world-wide. Achieving rank in our school means that it is a valid, and recognized rank all over the world. Skill and knowledge requirements are set by the ITF governing body, ensuring that all students of a given rank are equivalent in ability and skill. A black belt in our school, is recognized and can train as a black belt at any other school within our Association, and learn the same material!
  3. You have the opportunity to participate in numerous sanctioned competitions. The ITF sponsors regular local, regional, and international competitions, with trained and certified judges, drawing anywhere from 500 - 2000 competitors.
  4. As a member of the ITF, you are also afforded the opportunity to attend clinics, and training camps, which have participants from all over the region and country, providing the opportunity to learn various skills from numerous Masters from our organization.
  5. You have the opportunity to train with masters, black belts, and students from all over the world. Many of our black belts and instructors have formed very close friendships with individuals from England, South America, Asia, and all over the United States.

Master Instructors

Each class is taught by a Master instructor (4th Dan or Higher) who is certified by the International Tang Soo Do Federation. All of our instructors are also required to have proper security clearances stating a clear criminal background and a clear history of child abuse. In addition, many of our instructors are CPR certified, and several of our instructors are masters of their fields, which include doctors, teachers, and other accredited professionals.

Privately Owned Facility

Our primary headquarters are privately owned, which means we have a dedicated training facility, specifically geared towards the martial arts. We do not share our facility with other venues, which ensures that we can use our facility however we see fit.

A History Of Success

D.J. Studios Karate has produced more Black Belts, Masters and Grand Champions than any other school in the area. While this is not meant to toot our own horn, we are proud to recognize the achievements of our students. Master David Josefik himself was the first person from this area to win the coveted Regional Cup back in 1997. His wife, Master Cathy Josefik is also a multiple Regional and Grand Champion. From there, they have produced countless Grand Champions and Black Belts over the years. While we do acknowledge that winning trophies is not what the Martial Arts is all about, it does demonstrate our commitment to hard work, our attention to detail, and our focus on the success of our students.

Quality martial arts training results in self-confident students who naturally perform well in competition. And while many of our students have no interest in competition, they have the skills and abilities to compete if they wish. Students at D.J. Studios Karate are not obligated or pressured into competition - but if they are interested, they receive the very best preparation through our well-rounded and diverse training program.

Strong Community Involvement

Over the years, D.J. Studios Karate has participated in countless community events, helping us to become one of the area's strongest supporters. With a strong history of participation in many local events - including Heritage Days, the Philipsburg & Osceola Parades, the Relay For Life, various events at the Wagon Wheel, and more - our name has become synonymous with karate in this area.

We Are Pioneers

Our school has been a pioneer for many of the programs and practices that are commonly seen these days in other schools. Some of these programs include:

  1. The Tiny Tigers & Little Dragons classes: Master David Josefik served on the board of directors, and was one of the first instructors in the country to implement a class specifically designed for students between the ages of 3 - 7.
  2. An all-inclusive website: D.J. Studios Karate was the first school in the area to have a website, and continues to remain up to date on the latest technologies and trends.
  3. Dynamic Kicking & Acrobatics: Some of our more advanced students are known for their high-flying acrobatics and dynamic kicking abilities. Many of these moves were unseen in this area prior to Master David Josefik's introduction to these techniques, as well as his ability to teach them to others.
  4. Instructor Trainee Program: Each of the instructors of our school are required to go through an instructor training program. D.J. Studios Karate was one of the first schools to implement this program, which has been refined over many years.
  5. The Anti-Bully program: We conduct seminars for parents and students on the subject of bullying - helping our students learn what a bully is, how to handle bullies, and most importantly, how to avoid becoming bullies themselves. This program has been well-received by the public, and has been backed by the State Police, and our School Districts.
  6. Split classes: We were the first school in the area to split our classes by both age and rank, which ensures more personal attention to our students, but also ensures that our students are training with individuals who are at their same level.

Concern For Our Students

We understand that many people are often intimidated by the idea of joining the Martial Arts. We find that many folks either feel that they are going to be asked to do something they aren't comfortable with, or that they are going to be hurt by someone else. At our school, our students are our primary concern, and we want to ensure that each student is safe and comfortable at all times. Many of our adults are working professionals - we understand they have jobs, and can't be waking up sore each morning, because they were thrown on the mat too hard. We want our students to enjoy what they're doing, and enjoy the process of learning the art. So while we will push you to be the best that you can be, we will never do so in a manner that ever causes pain or discomfort.